Notes for March 25 meetup

Good morning meeting hackers!

This week I want to try something new.

Five topics. Divide the 1.5 hours into five equal segments. You’ve got 15-20 really smart aware professional interesting people in the room. What can we learn from this collection of people. Topics are concrete, not meta.

Ten examples. Here are 10 examples. If they stimulate ideas for you, before you forget, post a comment as a response. Don’t be shy — there are no wrong answers.

Editorial process. Put lots of ideas out there. There are already more than we can use. At 6PM, I’ll review what’s there and choose five, and also will choose discussion leaders for each topic.

RSVP by 3PM. The meeting is at 7PM in room 654 at 20 Cooper Sq, NYC. Please RSVP by emailing me, or post a comment here.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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