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Podcast with Jon Glick, Manhattan FIOS survey, leading NYC blogs?

Good morning people on my Media Hackers list!

I love this weather — kind of a chill in the air, refreshing, and the rain keeps the drunks on my West Village street relatively quiet at night. This west coast transplant is still learning to adjust to the norms of east coast living. :-)

I’m thinking about the format for this Thursday’s meetup. Obviously sometime in the next day or so I have to make up my mind. If you have any thoughts, I’m posting this email on the Unberkeley blog. Comments are welcome.

In the meantime, my podcast-partner Jay Rosen was sick yesterday so I called on Jonathan Glick to fill in. Jon is CEO of Tlists and a regular at the Thurs eve meetups. It’s 45-minutes and was recorded at our excellent radio studio at 20 Cooper Sq with the expert engineering of Adrian Mihai. I think it’s worth a listen.

As a recent Manhattan transplant, I’m interested in knowing where you can and can’t get high speed Internet. My mother, who lives in Queens, has great connectivity, with Verizon FIOS. At least 20 megabits in both directions. I honestly thought they’d have Manhattan covered, and while FIOS is still the exception not the rule, it’s not quite as bad as I thought. Turns out you *can* get FIOS, if you choose the right neighborhood. Just what those are, we’re still figuring out.

Yesterday I posted a question on Scripting News asking for any clues. I got quite a few!

One more thing and then I have to go to a breakfast meeting — Why is there no aggregator for NYC blogs? It should be easy for a newbie like myself to get acquainted with the blogging leaders in the largest city in the US. I put an aggregator together for the East Village, and could easily do one for the city as a whole, if we had a good list of blogs in the city. Anyone know of such a list?

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